The fast way to get comments and approvals on your digital material.

Efficient flow of information, quality driven, saves time and money.

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The proofing tool used by thousands of users worldwide, commenting more than 300,000 pages annually.

Easy and fast commenting

The web-based allows participants to interact in a transparent environment, to comment and to get approvals, fast and efficiently, free from time and space.

Efficient flow of information keeps a record of everything: versions, what was said, by whom and when, and thereby providing a transparent efficient workflow with high accountability.

Process and quality driven

Invite your workgroup in, set roles and timetables, and see the project fly from first draft to final approval in no time. Easy and very time and cost efficient.

Here's how it works

Create a project and set timetables.
Pick participants and define their roles.
Send out for commenting, get approvals or corrections.
Make corrections and upload new version.
When project fully approved. Store in archive!

Choose which material is to be sent out for commenting

Advertising material, brochures, meeting minutes, product catalogs or a new product packaging sample. Netcomment is your choice for anything in need of commenting and approval. Fast, transparent and efficient.

Schedules, participants and page specific rights

Set schedules, add reminders and invite participants in within their assigned page specific roles.

The service offers automatic project announcements and reminders to make sure that the project efficiently advances from start to finish.

Commenting and reporting

The commenting is quick and very easy. Start by positioning your comment with a click of the mouse and then place your actual comment as free format text.

The pdf-report compiles all of the comments and acts as an easy and straight-forward to-do list for whoever is in charge of making the new corrected version.

Versions and status information

Upload the corrected version of the new project. Edit the schedule if needed. Assign participants with page specific rights and watch as the new version advances through yet a new round of commenting.

All of previous versions of the project and each comment placed within the versions are saved and stored and can easily be accessed by all participants within the workflow at any time.

Archiving projects for future follow-up

From the archive, you can retrospectively see exactly how the project progressed through the various versions. Who said what and when.

This audit trail of information can come in handy when writing cost estimates, investigating liability issues, or as background information for a returning quote request.

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Netcomment lowers the risk for mistakes.
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